Passengers can text without going thru gyrations or having an override button that compromises the integrity of the text preventing portion of the App. StopTxting® does this by using the eyes to determine where a user's attention is focused. If you are a passenger, and your attention is on your phone, your phone knows this and allows you full functionality of the phone, including texting. If someone is driving their primary focus of their eyes will be on the road, and the phone sense this and prevents texting. This is a simple no fuss, no muss solution. A driver can't text and drive, yet all a passenger needs to do to be able to text is keep their focus on their phone while using it.

Drivers are prevented from texting and driving with our robust and reliable "Default Disabled" technology that is covered by eight Patents. StopTxting® considers "Default Disabled" to be a superior approach as rather that using a speed input to disable the phone or device, a speed input is required to enable (or use) the device. This makes it almost impossible to "work around" our system for if you block the speed input signal( from say a GPS signal or a signal generator in the vehicle), the device remains disabled, and so the user can not text. Competing technologies require this speed input to disable the device and prevent texting and if this speed input signal is blocked you can text. With the increasing need for parents and employers to reduce the risks and liabilities associated with texting and driving, we believe "Default Disabled" technology is clearly the best and most reliable way to do this.

Multiple issued and pending domestic and international patents protect this technology. In addition to covering the use of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, triangulation, and other means of determining if the vehicle is moving to address the distracted driving issue, these Patents can be used to control cell phone use based on location, and have multiple National Security applications. The issued patents are numbered: 7590405, 8380161, 8385880, 8437729, 8995945, 9026779, 9026780, 9100794, and 10139900.

If you are a major industry player and believe you can help us expedite our bringing this technology to market, please contact Charles Kelly with Mobile Communication Technologies, LLC. at 669-327-2111, or email him to discuss the possibility of us working together. If you are a consumer please check back for updates on the availability of this technology.