we have solved the passenger issue, and are pleased to have received our eighth issued patent

Mobile Communication Technologies, LLC is excited to announce that it has developed a solution to the passenger use issue. For the past several years this issue has been the stumbling block to practical implementation of a solution to distracted driving epidemic.

Although we were one of the pioneers (starting in 2004) in developing methodologies to prevent distracted driving through our proprietary technology, it soon became apparent that until the passenger use issue was solved, it would be impossible to gain any meaningful acceptance of any technology with the general public. We now have a solution. We believe this solution in combination with our nearly bulletproof methodology to prevent distracted driving (which already includes a Patented solution to the battery drain issue) will revolutionize the industry. Parents, corporations, and organizations that want to protect those they care about, and themselves, from the dangers of distracted driving now have a solution that essentially eliminates the possibility of the driver from engaging in a cell phone related distracted driving activity. This is accomplished while allowing full functionality to non-drivers, whether they be in a car or mass transit. Unlike using override buttons, keying in characters, device orientation, etc., which may not either fully prevent texting, or can potentially be distracting on their own, our approach uses various biometrics to determine where a cell phone users attention is directed. If their attention is fully on the phone (as would be the case of a passenger) it is fully functional. If their attention is not fully on the phone (as in the case of a driver) distracting functions are not available.

If you are a major industry player and believe you can help us expedite our bringing this technology to market, please contact Charles Kelly at 669-327-2111, or email him ckelly@stoptxting.com to discuss the possibility of us working together. This technology is protected by multiple issued and pending domestic and international patents. In addition to covering the use of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, triangulation, and other means of determining if the vehicle is moving to address the distracted driving issue, these Patents can be used to control cell phone use based on location, and have multiple National Security applications. The issued patents are numbers: 9026780, 9026779, 8385880, 9100794, 8437729, 8995945, 8380161, and 7590405 and may be found at http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.htm

If you are a consumer please check back for updates on the availability of this new technology.